Blu-Ray production

Blu-ray 25

information is recorded one side of the disc into one layer. 12 cm BD-25 disc contains up to 25 GB of information

Blu-ray 50

 the information is recorded on one side of the disc into two layers. 12 cm BD-50 disc contains up to 50 GB of information


Master content data must be uploaded to FTP server (login provided by BOD Group manager) in the following format:


  • – SONY CMF Version 0.933 or later
  • – BD CMF Version 0.9 or later
  • All data in one flat folder.
  • No special characters for file/ folder names ( /”:’ ?&\§%=#][!…..)
  • No packing or compressing (taring, zipping, stuffing)
  • One Checksum file for each folder is mandatory Example.
Checksum File specification
  • To prevent data security it is mandatory to add a plain text file containing the MD 5 checksum information for each file in the folder.
  • Master images with missing corresponding checksums won’t be processed without written confirmation by the customer.
  • The checksum file must be located into the BDCMF folder. Filename: Checksum.md5


Sample tool to use for generating MD5 sums:



d5ad8257ca33bb4c184d11535549ad33 *BDCMF.CMF
ce03808e998939e889e80ca4407d1559 *FAI.DAT
976a385eec8e62c211cea9d24c01e83d *PACL0.DAT
8edc80df80747bf5969fd66ee859f509 *PIC.DAT
0b135648064a43a006f20f81db90fda1 *UCD.DAT
c59e47b39abb646d1721284adf4fef51 *UD.DAT

  • If the master parameters correspond to the allowed norms, the information is replicated from the given medium at ratio 1:1, i.e., we do not make any changes neither before nor during the production process; therefore the data given by the customer remains the same.
  • Blu-ray masters cannot be protected with any data protecting programmers (e.g. CSS or other).
  • Master stampers are stored in our factory and are not handed over to the third parties in any conditions.