DVD production

Standard DVD

(covered with standard metallisation)

Golden DVD

(covered with a golden-color metal layer)

Black DVD

(covered with a black polycarbonate layer)


Required DISC IMAGE formats while uploading to FTP server:

DVD-5: DDP 2.00 (preferred); ISO



  • 0 layer – DDP 2.00 (preferred); ISO


  • 1 layer – DDP 2.00 (preferred); ISO

DVD-10: two Disc Images of DVD-5


Recommended free rograms for Disc Image creation:


  • Gear Pro Mastering edition



  • Nero (not lower than 9 edition)


Physical disc (DVD-/+R) has to be delivered to the BOD Group office.


MD5 Checksum file must be uploaded together with all disc images. It allows to check integrity of the image and to verify data was not lost during the transfer process.



Sample tool to use for generating MD5 sums:


Tips for creating DVD-/+R master:
  • Use DVD-/+R discs of required capacity (single-layers for DVD-5 and DVD-10; 2 single-layers or 1 dual-layer for DVD-9)


  • ReWritable (DVD-RW) discs are not suitable


  • Use reliable optical media (e.g. VERBATIM, TDK, SONY, PHILLIPS)


  • Make a record at the slowest possible speed (recommended speed: 4x, 8x)


  • Use a special pen for making notes on DVD


  • Safely package Master discs into secure plastic packaging. Avoid using paper or plastic wallets, which may cause scratches during transportation


  • 2 identical copies are recommended


  • DVD-/+R masters are not accepted if they are mechanically scratched or damaged (i.e. scratches on any side of the disc, damaged or deformed metal side of the disc, finger prints or dust)





  • If the master parameters correspond to the allowed norms, the information is replicated from the given medium at ratio 1:1, i.e., we do not make any changes neither before nor during the production process; therefore the data given by the customer remains the same


  • Master stampers are stored in our factory and are not handed over to the third parties in any conditions
DVD label design data submission:

Acceptable formats:


PDF 1.4, PDFX1a, PDFX3 versions




  • Colors must be prepared in CMYK, Grayscale or Pantone color system. Please do not use RGB colors


  • Picture resolution should be at least 300 dpi


  • Layout objects (characters, logos, texts) must be submitted in vector


  • All fonts must be outlined and should be minimum 5 points